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Resource Strategies

Many people think that resources are scarce, and the only way to accomplish growth is to do fund-raising. What Growth Design does well with its clients is to think about multiple means, strategies and arenas for securing both financial and human resources required for growth. Take a look inside:

Are you structured for efficiency?

Do you regularly review whether the elements of your organizational structure are achieving the desired end?

Successful organizations incorporate these questions into their planning, with the help of our teams who are experienced in using innovative techniques to help them reach a higher level of performance.

Through years of helping organizations develop their growth potential through philanthropy, we have broadened our understanding and interpretation of resource solutions to stay ahead of trends in the not-for-profit environment. Today, Growth Design provides critical resource solutions in five key areas:

Building strategic alliances among organizations to develop and provide value-added services which maximize shared and new resources.

Discovering new or refined entrepreneurial services to enhance revenue streams and operating margins.

Developing gifts and grants for capital, annual and endowment support.

Process Redesign
Re-engineering business processes for efficiency in order to redirect savings and other resources to mission areas within your organization.

Properly managing valuable resources, both human and financial.

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