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Organizational Change, Transformation and Resource Development... What does it mean to you and your organization?
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What is transformation?

Transformation: Derived from two Latin words: trans, meaning across or over; and forma, meaning form or shape.

To cross over from one way of being to another is the process of transformation, and both change and transformation must be present for an organization to effectively grow and develop in the future. One without the other has no credibility or possibility of success.

Why is transformation necessary?

"...the rate of environmental movement will increase and the pressures on organizations to transform themselves will grow over the next few decades".
- John P. Kotter, Leading Change

An organization usually decides to "change" based on one of three reasons:

  • marketplace trends,
  • an obsolete business model, or
  • because it does not have the resources to do what was previously done.

Many organizations note the above points and realize they need to change but need to answer the questions of "in what direction," how" and "at what pace?" Below are some additional questions to assist in putting the concept of "transformation" on your radar screen.

Do answers to the following questions reflect your organization?

  • Are significant changes occurring in your target market constituent groups that make your purpose, delivery systems, or business model obsolete?
  • Because of rapid change, do you need a fundamental shift in the way you do business, e.g. changing from being product-driven to customer focused and then transforming the entire operation to respond to that focus?
  • Are there certain departments or divisions in your organization that are faltering because of an inability to respond to environmental shifts?
  • Did your organization create an alliance with a partner institution, and the way of doing business together and the aligning of two cultures require significant change in each other's modus operandi
  • Have you realized that the life expectancy of your organization is less than two years, and you must conduct a radical overhaul of the entire organization?

Each of these situations requires a "crossing over" from one way of another. The transformation process is all encompassing and requires an organization to embrace the following elements:

  • strong leadership,
  • a change strategy,
  • process design and
  • project management that extends to all the human, organization and financial dynamics that come into play.

Does your organization have all these key elements in place and working together? To more fully understand the implementation of the transformation process, please continue to read the statements on the next page.

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