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Growth Design
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Growth Design Corporation clients have cited innovation, strength of relationship and the highest quality service as signature characteristics of our work. Our frequent quality checks within a diverse client base have reflected the highest praise for our work.

Growth Design's service delivery is based on a partnership with each client that is built on trust and integrity. We are able to work together with clients to design the template for their preferred future, and the plans to get them there.

Growth Design has earned the reputation as a firm that not only views each client as unique, but also takes the time to fully understand and respect its mission and values. Growth Design is results-oriented and helps clients to become more accountable for their mission so they can achieve their preferred future. We are seen as a catalyst for change, and skilled at developing and integrating market-driven business strategies. Our experience tells us that organizations willing to work hard at implementing change will succeed in reaching the preferred future they have chosen.

Our clients include educational institutions (colleges, universities, seminaries, high schools); health care (organizations, hospitals and health care systems, long-term and specialty care facilities); human and social service organizations; churches and denominations; associations; fraternal organizations and cultural entities with annual revenues ranging from $3 million to hundreds of millions.

Growth Design has partnered with clients throughout the United States since 1981. Recently, we have worked with current clients focusing on international capacity and have directly provided services to not-for-profit organizations in other countries. These engagements have led to a growing demand for our services in some of the progressive markets of Europe, Africa, and Asia.