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Growth Design is seeking to develop professional affiliate partnerships with highly qualified, creative, and results-oriented professionals. We are looking for individuals with expertise in our business practices and resource solutions to serve our clients, fulfill our mission and our vision.

Profile of Target Professional Talent for Core Group and Affiliation

  • Congruence with values and mission of Growth Design
  • Entrepreneurial in developing consulting practice
  • Suited to serving our targeted client service organizations
  • Intelligent, top of the field, ahead of trends
  • Current experience in one or several of our resource solutions
  • Ability to serve as a generalist as well as a specialist
  • Ability to be self-reliant or collaborative, depending upon situation
  • Interested in reciprocal learning
  • Respect for Growth Design culture and services.

Types of Affiliation

An experienced professional with whom Growth Design creates a client development and service affiliation with the specific intention that this professional will become part of the full-time core consulting team and an employee of Growth Design with all of the responsibilities and benefits.

Service Affiliate
An experienced professional with an area of expertise that would add value to Growth Design's services on specific client projects and whose services Growth Design engages on an as-needed basis as an independent contractor and not as an employee.

Client Referral Affiliate
An experienced professional who has become knowledgeable of Growth Design's services, staff abilities and target marketing areas; is engaged by Growth Design to provide referrals of qualified, potential clients to Growth Design; and assists Growth Design with relationship management during the service development and proposal presentation stage.

Growth Design Group International

  • Senior Partners/Fellows

Professionals as "knowledge partners" who provide expertise in the resource strategies, the type of institution or international environment pertinent to a particular project area.

Contributing Fellows
Professionals or organizations that are committed to supplying financial and other resources to a particular project.

Affiliate Benefits
As an affiliate, your benefits include:

  • Collegiality
  • Management and systems support
  • Professional development through in-service meetings and communications
  • Compensation for service and sales

You will also receive:

  • A growth of ideas and expanded horizons
  • National and international recognition and involvement
  • An expanded client base
  • Growth Design publications, including Growth Resources and Working Smarter

For more information:
If you would like more information on affiliation with Growth Design, contact Growth Design at phone (414) 224-0586; fax (414) 224-9371.